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What to Do with Your Pet When You Go Traveling

Posted on 30 November 2019 by (0)

Pet lovers know too well the hassles of trying to figure out what to do with your pet when leaving for trips. Even if you are just going away for a few days, there is always the constant worry that your pet will not get the desired attention and care in your absence. The following are suitable suggestions on what to do with your pet when going on vacation. 

Get a Trusted House Sitter 

Even if you may have friends willing to keep the pet while you are away, pets often feel much safer in their homes. As such, you should first consider finding a trusted house sitter with experience in taking care of pets. That will ensure the pet is taken care of in your home where they feel much comfortable and safer. 

Try Pet Swapping with Your Neighbors 

In case your neighbors have pets and also go on holiday, you can agree to take care of each other’s pets whenever they are away. You can plan such that whenever you are away, they come to your home to sit the pet, give if food and water as well as do cleaning and vice versa. Neighborhood pet swapping is a good idea because you know your pets are with people that can be trusted. 

Book a Pet Hotel or Kennel 

If you are going away for an extended period, you may also want to consider booking a pet hotel or boarding kennel until your return. Just like booking a hotel, the pet will be taken care of for the agreed period at a fee. However, you should first do a little research to find reputable facilities that will keep your pet safe and healthy. 

Friends and Family 

If you have friends and family members around, you can also talk to them to take in your pets in your absence. They can also come and sit, clean and feed the pets in your home once or twice a day. 

With all the alternatives offered above, you no longer have to leave your pet in desperation when going on vacation. Simply choose a suitable option that will ensure the comfort, health, and safety of your pets then, go on and experience the world!