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Traveling for Funeral During COVID-19

Posted on 13 January 2021 by (0)

A while back in December of 2020, I listened to a podcaster by the name of Jiggz, from the Techy Ninjas group, and he explained his experience on traveling in 2020 and says that due to the high risks of transmissions during travel, every government has taken measures to impose travel restrictions and advise its citizens to reconsider international trips. However, travel is beginning to pick up slowly as some countries have announced opening up their borders for travelers. While mourners are allowed to attend funerals, there are still restrictions and guidelines on how they should conduct themselves for safety. The following are important reminders for traveling during COVID-19. 

Maintain Social Distancing 

Generally, events where communities and families come together such as funerals bear an increased risk of transmission. Although it is important to recognize the demise of loved ones and condole with them, the safety of those who are still alive is worth so much more. Therefore, mourners are advised to observe the rules for social distancing during funeral services and, also movements to and from the functions. 

In case the deaths are confirmed or suspected to have resulted from COVID-19, there could be chances that the close family members have been exposed during their illness. Such cases require a lot of precaution and, steps must be taken to ensure that those who are suspected to have got the virus are quarantined to avoid further exposure. 

Check Travel Restrictions in Your Destination

Despite some governments opening up their borders, many countries and states across the world are still on lockdown. Thus, you should also find out about the prevailing travel restrictions in your destination before departure. That will allow you to plan your trip in a way that will not go against the travel restrictions. 

Enroll in STEP 

For US citizens planning to travel during COVID-19, the Department of State advises that you enroll in STEP; Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The program enables you to receive important information from the Embassy regarding safety alerts, health conditions, and travel updates. 

Although you can still travel to mourn with loved ones at funerals, you must always take all the safety precautions to avoid any chances of coronavirus transmission. In case you do not have travel insurance, it is advisable to get one too before departure.